Guess what. ねえ、聞いてよ

I was caught off guard the otherday when ~したときには驚かされた

This shop doesn't take cash, prepaid cards only. Luckily, I had my credit card on me.

You don't say. まさか

I just read a study that found 

change hands やり取りする

It's a whole new ball game. 新しい状況

shun 敬遠する

good old-fashioned 古き良き

less 少なくなりつつある more 増えている

This transaction slows down the pace of work.

It souns plausible. うなづける

gratuities チップ

He saved the day for me by letting me use his laptop when mine was hungup. 

signs of the move to ~の兆候

aid and abet unscrupulous behavior 悪徳行為を助長する

filthy lucre 不浄の金

They renewed all of their shops, let alone relativey new ones.

We are lagging behind in launching new products by setting in our ways. 我々のやり方にこだわって

I always carri cash around with me, I'm weighed by coins in my pocket.

Our competitors are on their way to being ahead of the curve.





inane 無意味な

pesky しつこい spiel くどい話  intrusive うっとうしい

mind-boggling number 気が遠くなる

obnoxious 感じの悪い

sign up with 登録する

dubious 怪しい illicit 違法な insidious 厄介な

There's no silver bullet to deal with this problem. 特効薬はない

spoof 成りすまし

the number could go through the roof 数が大幅に増える

This company need to get their hands on a lot of cash right away. 今すぐ多額の現金が手元に必要

emotional impact  / heartstrings

His story sounds credible. 信憑性がある

come up with new idea 考え出す

he passed the phone to his boss

not act hastily 慌てて行動しない


sense of loyalty

enter the workforce 社会人になる

We are not immune to worldwide competition.

The thing is how we can gauge back office staff's productivity.

When you come right down to it, critical thinking entails

-being able to solve problems creatively

-to be willing to challenge conventional wisdom

-to not be afraid to make mistakes and to learn from them

This sets you apart from other folks and ahead of the pack, have an edge over artificial intelligence.

If you want to succeed, you have got to be on your toes and stay ahead of the curve. 気を抜かず、時代を先取りする

soft skills job applicants need to bring to the table:

-good communication skills

-know when and how to take the initiative

-able to work as part of a them (collaboration)


News travels fast.

undertaking 事業 good and solid business plan.

I wish you guys the best of luck.

He lost his shirts when he tried to make a go of it in that risky and volatile field. 無一文になる

You can say that again.

The fall in traffic 客足がおちる

I know what you mean.

Supply outstripping demand.

The situation is pretty grim. 状況は厳しい

to what extent どの程度まで

Not quite. そこまでではありません。

We are still not quite there yet. 今でもまだ、そこまでは行っていません。(201907)

hollow out 空洞化する

wolf down food 食べ物をかきこむ

before you know it, there are ... 気がつくと

through the end of this decade. 向こう10年の間に

They place a premium on private life.

all-you-can-eat buffets. Offer meals at a fixed price, and let customers fill their plates with as much food as they like in a given period of time.

You have to keep a very close eye on costs.

glorified 飾り立てた


I'm busted. ばれたか~ぁ

It's in the same vein. 同じ

Please excuse my ignorance, but what is ***?

Some people are put off by that. 抵抗を感じる人もいる。

Think of it this way.

I get what you're saying. == I take your point.

As trey say, moderation in all things. よく言われるように、何事も程ほどに。

toss-up  五分五分

all the rage 大ブーム

hurly-burly of daily lift. 日々の慌しさ

renounce 断つ

upscale hotels


Examination is not far off. 試験が遠からずやってくる。

I was stunned by 衝撃を受けた

scorching 超熱い

Things were pretty bad. 状況が悪かった

Sales amount was erratic. 変動が大きい

staple foodstuff 主食

Economists are loathe to say 慎重

attribute A to B  AをBの責任とする

irreversible  もとに戻せない

adhere to

Jeremiah 悲観論者

The situation is grim. 事態は深刻

rule out  eliminate

over the long run

The lack of stable job condemn him to lonely life.  運命づけた

forestall the future crisis. 未然に防ぐ

mitigate my shoulder pain 和らげる



without missing a beat  よどみなく

make a conscious effort to 意識的に努力する

That's hardly surprising.  驚くには値しない

relevant factor 関連要因

There is no denying that 否定できない

from the cradle 

spend a not inconsiderable amount time and money かなりの時間とカネ

despite the potential rewards,

We are way behind our competitors.

The current estimate is

in second place 2位, takes the bronze 3位に入る,

Getting back to our discussion of  

research into 

tangible benefits 具体的なメリット

back and forth between

given situation

onset of (something bad)

make a difference 

see things from a different perspective

put more money in your pocket ←→ I don't have enough cash on me. 


mixed feelings 複雑な心境

I am over the moon about the news. 天にも昇る気分

a whole different ball game from    ~とは全く違う

refresher course in English 復習講座

SUVs are all the rage now. 大ブーム  Just a flash in the pan.  一時的な盛況

The consensus seems to be that 大方の意見は、

Share the load of group leader with other members.  Bear the load of the group leader.

That's one way of putting it. そういう言い方もできるでしょう。

They mean well, but it was unsolicited advice. 良かれと思って、おせっかいな助言

IT skill is the order of the day. 重要

Our competitor laid it on thickly saying their product was perfect. 大げさに言う

A certain degree of modesty is in order.  ある程度の謙虚さがふさわしい

My advice didn't go down well. 受け入れられなかった。

With all due respect, I think you would be well advised  to bite your tongue, shut your pie hole. 失礼ですが、黙ってろ。resist the urge to say something

Dotting on his son, spoiled him. 溺愛

My pater and mater 両親

It's all down to me.  すべて私の責任

more time on their hands

This sales target understates the demand. 控えめにしか言っていない

Boundaries are disappeared

in the dim and distant past = a very long time ago

antediluvian = obsolete

somewhere along the time どこかの段階で

The name of the game is 肝心なのは

agility 機敏な

cast old rules by the wayside

unlearn 学んだことを忘れる

metaphor  analogy

the list goes on

get ahead 成功する

cast aside 捨てる

shibboleth 時代遅れの

sedate 穏やかな

scrap heap 用済み

kiss something goodbye


I find it puzzling. 戸惑う  I got confused.

outsiders 外部の人

It's become universal. 一般化している


- Little is explained about--

- No one is sure why----

People know better than to talk about religion, politics and sex at business occasion. 

soon enough じきに fall back into their old habit

I find it fascinating. 興味深いと思う  I find it irritating when ---

nosy ぶしつけ impertinent 失礼  intrusive うっとうしい  weird 不気味

People know better than to talk about religion, politics and sex at business occasion. 

stomach 我慢する

I took him at his word. 彼の言葉を真に受けた

I got the bum's rush  追い出された

tread on his toes 彼を不快にさせる by cutting him off while he is in the middle of his speech

I plead builty to that. 悪いと認めます

bare my soul to others 心境を打ち明ける


I'd bet that きっと

phone in sick 病欠の電話をかける  give a work miss

come up with excuses 言い訳をひねり出す to not show up for work /  report for work

stay away from work

play hooky ずる休みする  slack off

This reminds me of

schools of thought いろいろな考え方

under the weather 体調がよくない  feel out of sorts feel unwell

Heaven for fend そういうことは決してしません

IMHO in my humble opinion    Pardon my ignorance

I'm in the habit of stopping at a coffee shop on my way to the office.

I have valid concerns about this issue. 正当な   ample reason

sniffle 鼻かぜ

The customer insists to refund the money no matter what. どうしても

This matter puts our market share at risk.

He lays it on thick. 大げさに言う

tell a white lie  罪のない嘘を言う

The policeman cut me some slack for the illegal parking.


resilience 立ち直る力

something of ちょっとした

come across 出会う

bare shelves 空っぽの棚  People stocked up on must-have items.

everyone for themselves 皆、自分のことしか考えない

keep spare battery on hand  手元に置いておく keep spare battery somewhere handy, so that I can grab and go.

last resort 最後の手段

go shopping at a store

Our products ranges in price from $1,000. to $10,000.

I have heard of this news.

The list is endless.


I'm not inclined to したくない

good deeds 善い行い

I have a slightly different take.

beyond the call of duty 期待される以上

perspective 考え方

exercise my right

forfeit 放棄する

clear-cut answer

customary 習慣

as a matter of course 当然のこととして

watchword 合言葉

cut throats to win 勝つために情け容赦ないことをする

The world of business has more than its share of wrongdoing.  悪事に事欠かない

Way too much emphasis has been placed on~

It is true given under current situation. ~を考えると

seen as frills 不要と見做される

In the wake of the incident ~を受けて

erosion in ethics is blatant 倫理観の低下が目に余る

plagiarizing 盗用すること

Company T cooked the books.  帳簿をごまかす

rot 腐敗、graft 汚職


detrimental to productivity 生産性に有害な

reap the benefit 恩恵を受ける

fairly fundamental question

esprit de corps チームスピリット

I bet きっと~でしょうね。

Odds are おそらく~でしょうね。

buzz around Apple's new model 話題

It's worth noting that ~ 注目に値します。

The background to this is

big-ticket items

lingering stereotypes 根強い固定観念

keep track of~ ~の記録をつける


You are on cloud nine. = You are in seventh heaven. What's uP?

Lady luck is smiling on me.

I want to hear all about that.

I had been dying to get a new laptop.  I felt I deserved it for my birthday.

After hearing all the hoopla about the laptop, I decided to splurge on Let's note.  話題になっている

That put a dent in my pocketbook.

The baseball player is surrounded by a gabble of his fan.

This incident sends a clear message that....

Membership is on the rise.

It may sound a bit weird, but the days of workaholic are long gone. 少し奇妙に聞こえるかもしれませんが

Recently, many people think of business less as means to earn living and more like buliding their career.

Well over half of households  go for small vehicle. 半数をはるかに超える

Small vehicle industry is now worth someting like ** billion a year.

Don't accept the offerd condition uncritically and unreservedly. 無批判、無条件に

Don't push aside negative feedbacks.

Modern lifestyles revolves around work.

Upscale shopping district.

Automotive industry can look to the future with optimism.


popping up 出現する

over time 時間をかけて

It won't be long before

I don't know that I'd like to attend at the party.

Retirement isn't as far off as you might think.

The manager keeps tabs on employee performance.

exponential progress 飛躍的な進歩

Robots may supplant humans. 取って代わる

I'm ob sabbatical. 失業中

take a slice of pie.

This matter stays out of our responsibility.

Land line telephone is going the way of the dodo.

Our estimate is on the conservative side.

chums 友達

I made a speech off the top of my head.


He has admitted making false report on his sales quota.

This system matches retired engineers with SMEs which need technical supports.

Writing a letter on paper is really retro, in contrast of back-and-forth of smartphone chatting.

This trend is seen as a major threat to our company. It is not confined to this industrial sector.

They invaded the island, with most of us none the wiser.

Many senior people live on their own. 一人暮らし It's very real problem.

I recently read about a study that found this trend is on the rise. / is on the decline.

I read somewhere that

deliberately 意図的に

Experience taught me that

substitute 代わるもの

At the risk of stating the obvious 当たり前のことを言うようですが、

We assume that

On the flip side, その一方で

content 満足している

snap out of 抜け出す


I've hearing a lot lately about~

a "thing" はやり

Scientists have been worning its effects for years.

Many managers have mixed feelings about the ageement.

Many managers rightly worried about the agreement. 心配するのは当然。

I have accecc to him.

tell the difference between A and B

We tried back and forth.

This project willl eat up our budget.

The sad truth is..

We have to tread this matter carefully.  慎重に扱う

His way of instruction is too intrusive. 押しつけがましい

use tact 起点を効かせる

in the context of cost performance

lack of attention to the specification sheet.

red flags 危険信号

Look at it this way  (in はつかない)

metaphorical training wheels 比ゆ的な補助輪

We are not immune to this situation. この状況に対して免疫はない。

We need to keep an eye on this matter.

spot hypocrisy a mile away 言行不一致をすぐに見分ける

lay down ground rules for 基本的なルールを定める

easier saidd than done

insidious たちの悪い

You need t wean yourself from your bad friends. 断つ

The male birds are vying for female birds' attention  注目を得るために競う

twitchy 落ち着きがない


I think it's going to take a while before this trend takes hold. 根付くまでにはしばらく時間がかかる

jump on the AI bandwagon

I took my mother's advice to heart.

future down the road

This restaurant caught the fancy of the foodie brigade.  食通の連中に気に入られた It acquired a certain cachet. 一定の評価を得た。

The tern has recently taken on a broader meaning.

We will stay put in countryside for the time being. とどまる

This company is plagued by low profit rate. 

The crux of the matter is profit. 最も重要なのは

displace = drive out

Some studies found that

How do you account for that? それをどう説明するのですか?

lucrative business 儲かる商売

New arrivals might not know the lay of the land. 新参者は土地勘が無い

Recent exchange rate has pushed up the cost of products.

You  shouldn't take it granted that this repair service is FOC.

seedy bars いかがわしいバー blots on the landscape 景観を損なうもの


This handbook outlines our policy. But it's not enough on its own.

alleged suspect 申し立てられた、~と言われている

Presentation attendees stole glances at their phones. スマホをチラ見する

I came away with the impression that his presentation didn't offer workable solutions.


Bystanders often turn a blind eye to such behavior.  見て見ぬふり

flimsy excuse 見え透いた言い訳

perp = perpetrator   犯人

That is still the case. 今もそうだ

show favoritism toward a particular student えこひいきする

a flimsy excuse 見え透いた言い訳

outpouring of complaints

retaliate 報復する


savory セーバリー こくのある

culinary terms 料理用語

palate = taste

Odds are he will pass the exam. =likely

As you may recall 覚えていると思いますが

We teamed up with our local distributors to promote our new product.

Our new business is now up and running. 順調

We have landed on our feet through the economic turbulence.  乗り越えた

It incorporates AI technology. 取り込む

We place a premium on customer service. 重視する

This product is a hit with younger clientele. 人気がある

This photo takes me back to my childhood.

Upscale restaurants. 高級レストラン

decent attire きちんとした身なり

The glut of suppliers has caused severe price competition.  供給過剰

fall-off in shopping traffic 買い物客の減少

Our export sales account for only 10% of our total revenue. 占める

My boss run a tight ship. 厳格

Our competitor's product quality is not up to per.  よくない


No less than 60 percent 60パーセント This is a depressing figure.

much less likely to

This company is up against some unprecedented challenges.

demanding, less demanding

The secret has been passed on to their successors.

We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that

You can say that again.

remedial courses 補習コース

have no choice but to

Back when I was in LA,


This program comprises workshops and round-table discussion.


Law enforcement officers are cracking down on illegal drugs.

This kind of troubles are par for the course here. よくあること

No one dared to ask the budget, that's not the case in the US.

Analog system became outmoded.

New HR policy is needed to get the best out of employees. 能力を最大限に引き出す。

Japanese food export is growing with the blessing of the government.

That's all to the good. それは良いことです。

The word conjures up in my mind the image of paradise.  思い起こさせる

The way I see it, 私が思うには   In my book,

We  have to figure our a better solution.

Your desk is unorganized, with a pile of clutter. Not neat and tidy.  This interrupts may train of thought.

I made a concentrated effort to update this website.

I'm trying to be more proactive about updating this website.

a wide array of information

I update the data in batches.

I check incoming email as soon as I sit down at my desk each morning.

take a breather  step out 外に出る take a short stroll ちょっと散歩する leisurely walks

He is very firm on punctuality.

We are frittering away our time and money on this project.

instill knowledge

Reading books keeps the old noggin in good shape. アタマ


My extended family used to run a restaurant. 親戚

After weeks of indecision, they decided to 数週間迷った後、

on an international scale

That region is bearing the brunt of the calamity. 直撃を受けている

Their B/S shows a staggering amount of debt.

The plain truth is that

private individuals 個人

We have to dig deep into our pockets for this time. 自腹を切る

This NPO is legit. まともな団体

altruistic 利他的な

Kudos to you! 素晴らしいですね。

Our market share tailed off. 先細り

The political corruption is making headlines. 大きく報道される

Hospitality is drummed into our employee. 叩き込まれている

common cause 共通の目的


I can offer my two cent's worth. よいアドバイズができます。

position paper

There is no set rule for this kind of situation.

prodding = reminder

detest = hate

stint in the hospital 入院 

agony column  人生相談欄

avid reader 熱心な読者

We have our share of troublesome customers. それなりにいる

prodigal offspring 放蕩息子

voyeuristic entertainment のぞき見趣味

everything under the sun 世の中のありとあらゆるもの

shrink 俗語で精神科医 = psychiatrist

mundane issues ありふれた問題

Japanese do have a thing about Mt. Fuji.  特別な感情を確かに持っている。

America is a very litigious society. 訴訟好きな

wake 通夜 


He is 10 years senior to me. 年上

I'm not objecting. 反対しているわけではない。

I'm sorry if I came across as critical. 批判的とうつったら、ごめんなさい。  negative connotation

This trend has become a thing recently. 最近、ブームになっている。

proverbial scenario  よくあるシナリオ

The harsh reality is that... 厳しい現実

The news turned their conviction on its head. 覆した

To make that work, それをうまく機能させるために

adversarial relations 敵対的な関係

two way street  双方向の関係

It's quite a break from conventional style. からの変化

The customer didn't gave the sales person the time of day. 相手にしなかった

surefire way to

less likely to do

He seeks greener pastures. 今より良い場所 hop from job to job

Let's take a look at this to get a better overview of the situation.

Mid 60s comprise the biggest group there. 構成する。

Life-defining decisions 人生の節目となる決断

Our competitors want to tap into this market by revamping their services. サービスを刷新して参入


Can I pick your brain for a moment?

carefree bachelor 気ままな独身

I'm giving serious thought to changing my job.

Give me some pointers. 何かアドバイス

Tell me more about it.

We've got our eyes on that company's performance.

jump on the bandwagon 時流に乗る

This movement is gaining ground recently.

There's a backlash against large vehicles.

That sounds very sensible. 賢明

working definition 暫定的な定義

This problem was triggered by .....

It's fair to say that  と言っても良い

foreclosure 差し押さえ

Pardon me for butting in, but I overheard you are talking about ....

cluttered モノがあふれている

communal bathroom 共同トイレ

What do you do on your days off?

somewhere down the road  この先いつか

pull up roots and move out of this city  引き払う

bare-bones  = minimal


One thing I can say for certain is that it is quite a project. ひとつはっきり言えるのは、これはかなり大掛かりなプロジェクトという事だ。

This Ramen chain has been popping up all over the country.

Let me get this straight. 話を整理させてください。

In a nutshell, our business is on an even keel. 簡単に言えば業績は安定している。

We got a lucky break. 幸運に恵まれた。

starter session 初回コース

vent your spleen =let off some steam = relieve pent-up stress

The drunken man was turned away.  入店お断り

lash out 暴言を吐く、殴りかかる

This medication will give men feeling weak and diminished back their edge. 優位性を回復させる

It may sound like a cop-out answer. 無責任に聞こえるかもしれないが、

My fear has dissipated. 消えた


I make overseas telephone calls just about every day.  =almost every day

You couldn't pick a better time to buy new laptop.  = It is the best time to

We need to get a new perspective on the market trend.

I'm all for it. 大賛成

It wasn't too long ago that we used telex for international communication.

I've seen people packed together at red lights during the evening rush spilling out in front of the cars.

In Vietnam, scooters are main means of getting to and from work.

Hanoi is a hyped-up city. 

Scooter ridership has risen sharply.

People know the city like the back of their hand.


take something back

If you don't mind my asking,

in the first place そもそも

I wasn't disgruntled in retrospect. 今振り返っても、不満があったわけではありません。

complacent 現状に甘んじた

Let's take a long hard look at the project down the load. じっくりと検討する

cultural fit 文化的適合

literally and figuratively 文字通りにも比ゆ的にも

There will always be a place for a person like you. 存在余地は必ずある。

Who would have thought that...


I'm seeing that the movement is all the rage. 大流行

in the course of just a few years.  わずかここ数年で

Why don't we take a straw poll. 簡単な調査

That reminds me of 80's pop culture.

Bureaucracy is strait-laced system. お堅い

They are passionate about product quality.

sheer 全くの

downside マイナス面

balancing act

cut back on fixed cost

Mass-media makes light this matter and never broadcast it.