pet peeve 厭なこと what bugs you   I have a thing about this.

I won't beat around the bush. 回りくどくは言いません。= To cut the chase. , forthright

My words rubbed him the wrong way.  不快にさせる

Bring the problem to his attention.

Keep up the good work.

I remonstrated with him about his work performance. 批判する

Clean up after yourself. 使った後はきれいにしてください。

food wrappers 食品の包装材

Now you've got me started. 今度は私も言わせてもらいます。

no end = very much

Don't pass the buck to me.  俺に責任をなすりつけるな!

I couldn't agree more. 全く同感です。

I can't stand people who lie.

I am a confirmed non-football fan.

I was buttonholed by his drone on and on talk. 引き留められる

He is oblivious to the appointments. 忘れがち

quick and dirty

He is a kind of know-it-all. 知ったかぶりをする人

I hate sound like a crotchety old curmudgeon, but   クロチェテイ クマジン = grumpy old guy

plain weird 奇妙、plain

I was put off by his attitude. うんざりした


wet blanket 雰囲気を壊すモノ

I am a bit depressed. 若干落ち込んでいる

emotionally wrenching experience つらい経験

My heart goes out to you. 心から同情します。

sit behind the wheel 車を運転する

fender-bender 接触事故

level-headed person 分別のある人

in a way ある意味

sobering ハットする

undergo training 訓練を受けた

back-to-back meetings 立て続けの

as I recall たしか、~ですよね。

pediatrician 小児科医

pull up their roots  住み慣れたところを離れる

balmy climate 穏やかな

The trouble is, The thing is,

Things like

Electric noise puts a crimp in communication.  支障を与える  hindrance

wind up=end up

not to mention  言うまでもなく

a not inconsiderable amount of money  少なから

strike the right balance



Our company has been named on of the Eco-friendly companies.  に選ばれた

the fourth straight year 4年連続で

employee's causes 福利

We made the best customer service award list  リストに載る

This plan is the twist to the old one. 工夫を加える

To what length does this economic slowdown continues? どこまで

The stakes are high. 大きな賭け

The boss try to set an example for his staff.

I'm curious to know..

not too long ago  それほど前のことではない

He is fortunate enough to

It makes sense.

Retired people are underused resource. 十分に活用されていない人材

proverbial company 有名な proverbial non-tariff barrier よく言われる

firms try to stay lean 無駄のない組織でいる企業


You took this new software like a duck to water. ごく自然に慣れる

He is raring to go first thing in the morning.朝からやる気満々 

                     eager to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

 I'm an incurable tech savvy. 根っからの

This product group make up just under 20 percent of the market share.

His way of thinking is out of sync with mine.

hyper place like Shibuya あまりに活動的な場所

circadian rhythm 24時間周期のリズム

He is on top of things. 物事をしっかり把握している。

whiner = complainer

nocturnal people = night owls

I am prone to seasickness.

You paint too bleak picture. あまりにも悲観的にとらえている

hordes of zombies 多数の

I've slept through my alarm. 目覚ましの音に気付かず寝過ごした

I don't want to sound preachy, but

linger in bet in the winter morning 冬のベッドでグズグズする  We lingered at that bar.

Honesty is my watchword.モットー

The trick is to make a point of eating breakfast. 秘訣は

That's easier said than done.

binge-eating バカ食い

His remarks set me off. カットなる


no-go area = taboo

it never ceases to amaze me いつも驚かされる

breakups and makeups ついた離れた

presumptuous 厚かましい

You said it. 全くその通り

complement ほめる

for that matter ついでに言えば

bad form 礼儀に反する

resentful 憤慨する

boast about 自慢げに話す

lavish lifestyle 贅沢な暮らしぶり

This incident begs the question. 疑問が湧いてくる

social settings 社会的な場

We left our chat at that. そこまでにしておく

The situation in and of itself それ自体は

nosy 詮索好きな

I looked that up. 調べた

The product concept strikes a chord with me. 共感を覚える

I have to say. と言わざるを得ない

worrywart 心配性な人

obsess 気に病む

The trick is very simple. そのコツは単純だ。

That's  me to a T. それはまさに私のことです。

ruminate about 考えを巡らせる

I'd settle for half.  半分でヨシとする。

antidote 解毒剤


I handed out my business cards at the party. 名刺を配った

a couple of

to quote what's-his-name という声もある

what-you-may-call-it  あれだよ、あれ

the same goes for this industry

I'm not much of a sports fan あまり好きではない

It's a struggle for me. 苦労していること

intimidate 萎縮させる

Don't sweat it. 心配無用

shrinking violet はにかみ屋  wall flower

get the conversational ball rolling 会話を始める  drop the ball 失敗する

give me some hints on

make a point of keeping in touch  するようにしている

in the face of adversity 困難

a while back

I signed up as a consultant.  登録した

foster innovation

Tell us more 詳しく話してください

That makes sense.

a thing of the past

The Internet is taking its toll on venerable industry. 古くからある産業に影響を与える。

for what seems like forever ずいぶん長い間

longstanding regulations 長年

forbidding 近づきがたい

stern admonition 厳しい非難


You look under the weather  具合が悪い

You have to come to terms with this matter. 折り合いをつける

It hits me right in the gut. このことでひどく落ち込んでいる 

inclination  傾向

settle down 落ち着く

put them into the category A  Aに分類する

spontaneously    偶然

conducive to success 成功に至る

confide in each other 信頼しあう

proximity to a station 駅に近い

pertinent observation 的を得た考え

gradual decay 徐々に劣化する

at the risk of sounding like  ~の様に聞こえるのを承知の上で


a while back 少し前

Every single item has blemishes. 欠点

arbitrary standard 気まぐれな基準

This accounts for 50% of the market share.

more often than not しばしば

odds and ends 半端モノ

look weird 見かけが奇妙

I couldn't help but think that

burdock ゴボウ

It all goes to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

profligate 浪費

when it comes to

Engineers are coming up with innovative products.

I'll make a point of being frugal. 倹約

That sounds good in theory, but I don't know what could happen in the real world.

When you get right down to it. 詰まるところ

less liable, care less, less何とか 


memory jogger 忘れないようにしておくリマインダー

I'd better not forget (動詞の原型) about this schedule.

If I make a mistake, I'm in the doghouse.

Don't be too hard on yourself. 無理するな

All too often I find myself looking for my glasses.

That happens to the best of us. だれにでも起こること

If you don't mid my saying so. こう言っては失礼と思いますが

She yelled at her secretary in the style of musical.

Rakugo is a traditional Japanese art of storytelling.

We have a lot of stuff on our proverbial plates. やるべきことがたくさんある

What makes matters worse is...

switch back and forth between one thing and another

The alcohol's effects have been worn off. Warding off the alcohol's effect.

Onset of dark period.

A promising countermeasure for this problem has yet to be found. 

What do you make of this idea?

There's no hard evidence to support this plan.

solidify memories 記憶を定着させる

The F/S will go a long way in making good FDI decisions. 大きな役割を果たす

The project comes into play.

You can and should begin now.

resilient 回復力のある 


This incident made a lot of headlines. 大きく報道された

You seat is just across the aisle from me. 通路を挟んで隣

Thank goodness. あ~よかった

It shook me up. ビビった

an acute illness 急性の病気

Lack of sleep is a strain on the body, or, quite taxing. 体への負担となる

The earthquake wreaked havoc on that country. 大混乱

The patient has to take medication at set times.  決まった時間に薬を服用する

fainting, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting shortness of breath and heart palpitations. 

失神、    下痢、     吐き気、嘔吐、      息切れ、                       動悸

Some student are reluctant to come forward when they were asked to do an volunteer work. 名乗り出る

contract a communicable disease 感染症に罹患する

What's your take on that? あなたの意見は?

age-related ailments 加齢に伴う病気

A school of thought say that という考え方をする人もいる

I can make some decent money from this job. それなりの収入

I have a medical episode. 発症



What have you been up to? 最近はどうしていますか?

ever since ~からずっと

total strangers 全くの他人

Is what you mention something along with those lines? 仰っているのは大体そういう感じのものですか?

high-profile 注目度の高い upscale restaurant 高級レストラン

How did you hear about this event? どうやってこのイベントの事を知ったのですか?

eating dinner out of a soup can スープを直接缶詰から食す。

thematic parade テーマを持った更新

There is an crying need for -- 切実なニーズがある

techie consumers テクノロジーにどっぷりつかっている消費者

over the course of a day 1日の間

flesh-and-blood people 生身の人間

fixture of Japanese life style 定番の日本人の生活様式

get close to people 人と親しくなる

show off business skills ビジネススキルを発揮する

That's the way it is. そういうものだ

resurgence of time-honored custom 昔からの慣習が復活

It's ripe to change. 変化すべき時だ

culinary fare 料理 gourmet fare グルメ料理

associated costs 関連費用

I came up with the idea.  考えを思いついた

touristy shop 観光客相手の店

The wild card is market demand. 不確定要素

obnoxious people 不愉快な人たち

police beat 所轄

compare notes 情報交換

I can well imagine 容易に想像がつく

please with him to do  懇願する

go the way of the dodo 絶滅

college prep 大学受験準備

Who knew? 驚きました


honor the spirits of my ancestors 先祖の霊を祀る

live scattered around  離れ離れに暮らす

trains are packed with commuters

back then 当時は

failure of successive potato crops ジャガイモの不作が相次ぐ

starved to death  餓死する

famine 飢饉

show their interest in

This service caters to people's demand.

The simple explanation is that...

proprietor ホテル・企業などのオーナー

The place to start is... 手始めは 

parish 教区

come to a dead end 行き詰まる

there's no lack of consulting companies いくらでもある

fork over a hefty chunk of change かなり高額の金額をしぶしぶ払う

These people are displaced by the war. 戦争によって住む場所を失う


We overestimated production capacity of this machine. 過大評価

It never ceases to amaze me that Singapore's landscape keep changing.いつも驚かされる

I am transfixed by the beautiful scenery. 釘付け

I stand there with my eyes fixed on the beautiful scenery. 釘付け

I just don't get the point why they are so crazy about that. 理解できない

We are no exception to this world wide trend.

Internet addiction is a global plague. addictive medium

She slipped on banana peels.

distracted walking; distracted driving; preoccupied pedestrians; dangerous distraction

There's growing awareness how green house warming affects the nature.

Co2 are  blamed for global warming, but this is a factroid.

He is unmindful of the world around him.

I was quite amused by

He come up with that idea in the process. その過程でそのアイデアを思い付いた。

the authorities

Last week's mishaps caused serious damage to the company's production.

The thing is, 

The car wandered off course.

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

We all want to be in on the latest news.


At the risk of pointing out the glaringly obvious 明らかに明白, ....

I will give this rip a miss.

I'm in the habit of listening recorded news programs in everyday morning.


I'm very relieved to hear that...

When I walk down the street, I would pull out of the stream of pedestrian traffic to make a phone call. 

I hadn't thought of that. それは考えてみなかった。

I don't know how many times I encountered irksome situations. 何度あったかわからない

Discretion is the better part of valor, as they say. よく言われるように、慎重さは勇気の大半である。

The foreman bellowed at the worker to be more careful. どなる

I give him a wide berth. 彼には近寄らないでおく。


This article can give you some clues. ヒントになる  I could take a cue from this article.

I introduce you to Mr.****.  あなたに誰々を紹介する

This company has a solid reputation for its products quality.  

I have a tough time to figure out what makes our customers tick.

Chinese products is getting a bad rap as low quality. 非難されている

gig 短期間の仕事

sense of entitlement 権利意識

They are unconcerned with ~ 無関心である

In our defense,  我々を弁護して言うと、

We want to put down roots. 腰を据える

an interesting perspective 興味深い見方

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 見る人により異なる

The simple truth is ありのままに事実

to be let go 解雇される

We are supposedly  ~ と言われている

They get it into their heads that~ と思い込んでいる

We can't be bothered to express our opinion. 面倒なのでしたくない

Young people are almost umbilically connected to their smartphones. へその緒でつながっているようなものだ。

A bunch of old fogies frown on young upstarts. 眉をひそめる

It's safe to say that 

It's time to set the record straight. 間違った認識を改める時だ。

On the plus side,

This fact sets us apart from our competitors.

They take this for granted.

He went slack-jawed with surprise

We need to tap into their knowledge. 活用する leverage it.

They comprise about a third of the market share.

We need to make the target segment tick.

structure and routine 組織や決まりきった仕事

show up for work at a set time

on the go 出先で

craft benefit packages and perks


If memory serves, 私の記憶が正しければ

As I recall, 記憶では

Ichiro became a legendary figure in his own lifetime. 生きている間に伝説の人となった。

have a tough time  かなり苦労する

I've signed up as a member with a English study group. 登録した

I am boning up on history. 詰め込み勉強する

Good on you.(UK)   Good for you.(US) 大したものですね

It takes up a fair bit of my time. かなりの時間をとられる

It's a labor of love. 好きでやっている事

There are no end of troubles. 尽きない

I take my hat off to you. あなたには頭が下がります

They come out against the plan. 反対の意思表示をする

Th plan has a lot to be said in its favor. いい面はたくさんある。

complement 補足  compliment お世辞

This skill will stand you in good stead. 有益

This government policy is conducive to SMEs. 中小企業の助けになる

a while back 少し前に

The politician caused a bit of a stir. ちょっとした騒ぎを起こした

It is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. 不要なものと一緒に大事なものまで捨てる

tangible  目に見える

intuition 直観力

In the end, it comes down to ~ing 結局~に行き着く


restaurant down the street その通りを行ったところのレストラン

linger 長居する

make up for the loss  穴埋めする

amenable to customers 顧客の要求に応える

big-name business consultant 大家

utility bill 光熱費の請求書

and the like など

The factory churn out poor product 大量生産する

About time. ようやく

obvious reality 明白な現実

It weights next to nothing. ほとんど重さがない

His theory has stood the test of time. 時の試練に耐えた

It's safe to say

The are less in love with --  They don't make a fetish of --- ~にこだわらない

They carp about the noise. 文句を言う

Don't get set in your ways. 自分のやり方に固執するな

We can't abide monotonous life. 単調な生活に耐えられない

standard issue 標準支給品

I'm all for it. 大賛成

Shake-up 改革


納得できる make sense

We are on of the first, if not the first,

The thing is, / It boils down to つまり

outside working day / after working hours / crazy hours 勤務時間外  

respectable hours まっとうな時間帯

in the cold light of the day 前夜の考えなどを朝になって冷静に思い返す take a sober look at

business associates 取引先

I get a brainstorm いい考えがひらめく

I jolt down ideas. メモする。

I have the urge to -  したくてたまらない

We've all been there. 私たちは皆、そういう経験がある。

Agreeable friends. 好感がもてる

This situation got out of my hand. 手に負えない

Go-getter  イケイケ

tag his speech with feeling of thanks 添える

How annoying. メンドクサイ奴

The thrust of my argument is 主張の要点は、

modus vivendi 折り合い

He wouldn't give an inch.  一歩も譲らない

That was the last straw. 我慢の限界  I get annoyed 不愉快になる

then and there その場で

That's his call.  彼が決める事。

My sympathy is with you. 同情します。

voice inflection 声の抑揚

never ever 決して

my anger has subsided. 怒りが収まる

bear in mind

time-sensitive = urgent

succinct 簡潔な

pleasantly 社交辞令


Back Seat 二の次 Front Seat 最優先

talk the talk and walk the walk 有言実行

congenial 感じが良い

play things by the book 融通が利かない、規則通りに行う

hidebound rules 時代遅れの規則

Sorry to sound nosy, but 詮索好きの様でごめんなさい、でも

rules hard to live with

It sounds ridiculous, for lack of a better word. もっといい言い方が見つからないのですが。

relevant / irrelevant

elaborate procedure 複雑な、手の込んだ手続き

nickel-and-dime mentality 小さなこと

watchword モットー

Iam in the picture. =updated

petty office politics

I have to harp on about this. くどくど言いたくない

back-to-back, constant round of meetings drag on forever

climate surveys 社員意識調査

We have turned the page on that. 改めた

verboten =prohibited


I need to get the lay of the land. 状況を把握する 

You might want to した方が良いでしょう

stop by my office  オフィスに立ち寄る

ordeal 試練

hired straight out of school 卒業後直ちに入社

Do you mind if I ask  聞いても良いですか

Sorry to sound nosy, but 詮索好きかもしれませんが

my comfortable niche had become a rut. 居心地の良い場所がマンネリになった

solid leadership 

fit in with the team チームの一員となる

blather on ペチャクチャしゃべり続ける

make a concise pitch 簡単にアピールする

I am upfront about 率直に 

I made a point of saying~ ~と言うようにしていた 

I was a bit taken aback when. 引いた

You shouldn't infringe on people's privacy. 他人のプライバシーを侵害してはなならい

not infrequently 少なからず

with ill intent 悪意で

try to make conversation 会話のきっかけを作る

out of bounds 節度を越えている  

confrontational 対決姿勢


I talked with him for a couple of hours.

He gave enough thought to his decision.

Hefty sign-on bonus 多額の契約金

hit the ground running すぐに仕事にとりかかる

They fall over themselves to acquire that company. 躍起になる

She mesmerized him. 魅了する

line up several candidates

seasoned engineer ベテランの

likeability 好感度

brief span of time

Appearance counts for a lot. 外見がものをいう

as they say よく言われるように

old-school 保守的

on the ball 有能な

attentive 人の話をよく聞く

give pat answers 型どおりに答える

inane 意味のない

sober-sounding 分別ある様に思える

stand out among candidates


I'm get into the habit of learning English at a coffee shop in the morning. 習慣としている

Don't judge others by what he wears. ~で判断する。

Consumers are deserve to know the origin of the product.

Japanese are innately diligent. もともと

She hold out her hands to me. 手をさしだした

I have to admit that...

They can see right through that. お見通し

impertinent attitude 出しゃばりな、生意気な

pay off the loan 完済する

birds and bees 性教育

keep employees in the dark 従業員には教えないでおく

Please go over the document 目を通す

a sensible approach   賢明なやり方

How much money goes for basic necessities ?

Money grows on threes, as the saying goes.

Do not flash lots of money on the street. 大金をちらつかせるな

I made employee part of corporate decision.

He is very old-school. 保守的

One way to handle that kind of problem is to 一つの対処方は

obsessive  強迫観念が強い


It's been the trend in resent years.

I wouldn't have thought that 考えもしなかった

The plain truth is that 明白なのは

a thing of the past  過去のもの

I am faced with paying off a loan. ローンの返済を抱えている。

There's no quick fix. 手っ取り早い解決策はない。

One important thing bear in mind is  一つ覚えておくべき重要なことは  = Let's not forget that

I don't feel the urge to do this. 早くどうしてもしたいとは思わない。

He feels at loose ends. どうしていいかわからない

scads of free time 自由時間がたくさんある

cross the finish line(競技で)ゴールする

a while back 少し前

spend autumn years 晩年を過ごす

The list goes on. 数え上げたらきりがない

We are seeing more foreign tourists~. ~が増えている。 


It is important to put together a plan well in advance.  計画を立てる

things like~  ~といったもの

Our plan is etched in stone.   fixed and very hard to change

We need to contemplate plan B. 検討する

That's often the case.  それはよくあること。

It was quite a job.  大仕事だった。


I bumped into an old friend. ばったり会う

That's nice way of putting it. うまい言い方

SUVs are all the range these days. 大流行 What is behind this trend?

I recently read an article that said~

We are in good standing with that company. 良好な関係

Both side nurture goodwill. 信頼関係を築く

We should stick with this rule. It is etched in stone.

I think they run the risk of bankruptcy if they fail to keep up with the times. 時代の流れに従う

As the young workers' median tenure getting shorter, we need to retain employees. 平均勤続年数

The job market is very fluid.

People are less likely to stay in what they see as a rut if they aware of the alternative. 


remuneration 報酬

compensation package 給与パッケージ

get itchy feet 違うことをしたくなる

humility 謙虚さ

parting of the ways 岐路、分かれ道

A level playing field is important in comparison. 公平な土俵


page-turner 読みだしたら止められないほど面白い本

keep to the middle ground 中道を行く

sweep the nation 国を席巻する

Things have gotten out of hand . 収拾がつかなくなる

I cringe when I see a woman making her up in trains. うんざりする。

The company wants to project new image. 打ち出す

We gave serious thought to our new regulation. 真剣に考える

The tongue-in-cheek video went viral. おふざけビデオがネットで拡散する

I am accused of breaking traffic rules.

The relaxation of regulations caused backlash in some quarters. 規制緩和は一部の方面で反発あった。

develop a sense for  の感覚を磨く

gain headway 前進する

We did away with stuffy and formal meeting speeches altogether.  古風で古めかしいスピーチを全廃。

out-of-the-box thinking

The CEO laid down the law about working hours. 一方的に指針を定めた

We've come a long way since the 1960s.  60年代よりは進歩しました。

a while back 少し前に

I gave the event miss.  欠席した

staple 重要な一部

get their tongs wagging 噂の種になる

make a mark 成功する


This is the revamped program. 改訂された

He is big on the idea. 熱心で

I am instrumental in the NPO activity. 寄与する

upfront investment 先行投資

It drives up costs. コストをつり上げる。

Our market share ranks in the bottom quartile. 下位4分の1に入る

Keep track of production amount. 記録する。

The jury is still out on that question. 結論はまだ出ていない。

Quite a break with low productivity 完全な決別

We are moving away from low productivity. から離れる

Relax the regulation. 規制緩和

That makes eminent sense. おおいにうなづける。

Many people are intimidated to jump into the pool. おじけづく

more likely to / less likely to

incorporate the idea into the plan. に組み込む

productivity spike 生産性の急速な向上

staff field days  会社の運動会

solo diner ボッチで外食

counter-intuitive graphic interface 直観に反する

People are quite aware that some of the biggest players in the industry put a premium on value added service.

People cut back on social spending. 切り詰める

watchdog groups 監視団体

craft a strategy

arsenal 武器庫、強味

Social media is the go-to channel for product launches.主力の

since time immemorial 太古の昔から

I am getting into German cars. 夢中になる。

I have had it up here with Western food. うんざりだ

viable energy source 有望な

yuck factor キモイもの。

handy way 手軽な方法

Raised price is a hit on the old pocketbook. 懐への打撃

whole food 自然食品

This trend has taken hold.  根付く 


instant gratification is coloring our life すぐに得られる満足感は、生活に(悪い)影響を与えている。

sign up to~ ~と契約する

unsubscribe from~ ~を解約する

The list goes on and on. 枚挙にいとまがない。

Welcome to the club.  同類に成り下がりましたね。

guilty as charged. おっしゃる通り悪うございます。

Let me explain, in our defense,  自己弁護の為

It isn't anything new. 今に始まったことではない。

wait in line  列に並ぶ

wade through prose 散文を読破する

We are chained to our smartphones. スマホに縛り付けられている。

I find myself ~ing 気が付くと~している。

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds. 飛躍的に

You have to put your foot down. 強い意志を持つ

I have taken a series of small steps to~

make a conscious effort 意識的に努力する

Over connecting PCsplaces a burden on the network.

behind the wheel 車のハンドルを握る

alter ego 分身

implicit 言外に

antidote 解毒剤

off the cut = impromptu

run for the train 駆け込み乗車

fix the breakfast 朝食を準備する

go out to eat 外食する cf  solo diner ボッチで外食

I go out of my way to do it. それをするように注力する。

scandalous 恥ずべき事

out-of-the-way restaurant  人目につかないレストラン(穴場)

I recently read that 最近どこかで読んだのですが、

party size 来客の単位

tie the knot 結婚する

an experimental pop-up shop 期間限定の実験店舗

without any distraction  何にも邪魔されずに

It is quite a trend. かなり広まっている

 cf  It is all the rage. 一大ブーム

goodwill 好感

canny = clever

We have our share of registrants 登録者はそれなりにいる

folks 人たち

can't carry a tune in a bucket ひどい音痴

I was stood up by her. すっぽかされた

I was left high and dry by her. 見捨てられた

Whatever floats your boat. お好きなように


They went out of their way to take us to the factory tour. わざわざ

Our seminar programs have been getting us a lot of good press.  良い評判を得る

I took a leaf from the book of Drucker. 手本にする

That might be a tad difficult. ちょっと難しい

what with = due to

curated map 〇〇お役立ちマップ

discreetly さりげなく

They draw the line at telling customers not to take pictures. 写真を撮るなとまでは言わない。 

That is in your face.  押しつけがましい

counterproductive 逆効果

Some shops offer incentives in exchange for frequent purchase. 引き換えに

I stayed at the Park Hotel in London.

Kitchen scraps 調理生ごみ table scraps 食べ残し

This program is pulling in more customers.

I am doing my bit for the club activity. 一役買っている

It's a therm coined by the professor. つくった言葉

stay on top of things and be ahead of the game

I make it a point to arrive well ahead of time.

I don't take chances with bus and taxi. あてにしない

cram school 予備校

I'm on the other end of the scale. 対局にいる

fumble with their passport at the immigration ごそごそ探す

There's a lot to be said for being an early bird. 利点がたくさんある

mess up = mistake

I barreled through the meeting room.  突進する

way ahead of time かなり早めに

showing up for meeting way before I have to 定刻よりかなり早く会議に現れる

They are trying to guilt-trip us into accepting their requirements.  我々に罪悪感を持たせて、彼らの要求を受けさせようとしている。

all sorts of trouble

I come up with a great idea.

We got the deal at the eleventh hour. 土壇場で

At what cost? その代償は?

This problem is taxing on us.  重荷になる

When you get right down to it  詰まる所


These programs aren't for everyone. すべての人に向いているわけではない。

cf one-size-fits-all 日本語の、いわゆる(シャツなどの)フリーサイズ

The warehouse was in bad shape. ひどい状態

The situation got worse as the yeas went by. 年々

The president attached the same importance to the bad news.

Anywhere from ten to fifteen percent of the market share..

strained relation between two countries ぎくしゃくした

We were conned into purchasing these stuff. だまされて~する

He went too far. 彼は度が過ぎていた。

I'm afraid I'm guilty of that. 身に覚えがある

Managing detail matters can put a dent in my productivity.

I reacted on the spur of the moment. 衝動に駆られて

There's no set formula.

This brand has been around for a long time. 昔からある

I have started the day on the right foot. いいスタート


I haven't eaten a decent meal for a couple of days. まともな食事

During negotiation, we went back and forth over the price. 押したり引いたり

This failure can eat up big chunks of our fund.

If the customer is not responding, you should take the hint. 事情を察する

I treated myself to a piece of cake. 自分へのご褒美

This complaint may create more problems down the road. この先

I want to settle the issue in a way that doesn't draw attention to myself.

It is important to keep the cycle going.  連鎖させてゆく ripple effect 連鎖反応

There's no denying that. そのことは否定できない。

of the same name. = namesake 同盟のもの。

   a different company of the same name    a namesake company

The media got hold of the M&A project. ニュースネタを嗅ぎ付ける

What a class act. 立派な行いだ。立派な人だ。


His comments led to tension and bad vibes in the office. 悪い雰囲気


He didn't give a second thought to change job.

I saw this document a while back.

I want to chill out in my hotel room tonight. 休息する

I am thinking through the problem.

My coworker got told off for his poor performance. 叱責された

Today I am off the hook for the task. 免除された

Let us lay this matter aside and discuss something else.

That's the way of the world.

Member of the committee are level-headed people. 分別のある

He was given the heave-ho after five years on the job. 解雇された

You should give her some closure.  終結宣言をする

We are exhibiting our ware at the show. 商品

It all comes down to the product quality matter. 結局は

We need to ensure that machine serves us, not other way round. その逆ではない

The line between computer and telephone is becoming blurry.

The boundary between art and science has blurred.

It is difficult to strike the right balance between work and home.

This is a line of demarcation between production site and stock yard. 「デマケ」の語源

The company's domain has been shifted seamlessly into the service industry.

Having a side line business besides your full time job is a kind of juggling act.

We are living in cutthroat business world.

Our company hit the jackpot in this business. 大当たりした

Just as important, if not more so, is the employee satisfaction. それに勝るとも劣らず重要なのは、

You may want to take a long, hard look at your plan. じっくり検討


We will place an order with this retailer.

It is critical to our business.

There was a time when we communicated by telex.

More than a few people cited his review. かなりの数の人々